“Slim Silhouette” program  (1 h)

RUR 5700

The emerald gel body wrap based on laminaria seaweed, ivy and caffeine extract has a magnificent stimulating, lipolytic and revitalizing effect. This body wrap is recommended to reduce fat depots, to improve problem zones and to restore tissues. Extract of aloe-vera with calming and anti-inflammatory effect removes irritation and moistens the skin.

Program for legs Algofresher (45 min)
RUR 3000

Seaweed cryo wrap for legs - stimulates blood circulation, strengthens blood vessels, removes swelling and inflammation, helps body to excrete toxins, takes off the effects of weariness in legs.


Bagni de Pisa Thermal Detox and Anti-cellulite  Procedure (1 h)RUR 5500
This is a rich thermal gel mask with slimming and drainage effect to treat cellulitis. The mask contains thermal water, green tea, laminaria and focus extract, Seville orange essential oil, peppermint oil, tangerine essential oil with powerful lipolytic and detox action. Due to thermal water from Bagni de Pisa mineral spring, the mask has a strong therapeutic effect on the whole body. 

Rejuvenation and Elasticity treatment
RUR 5500
An exclusive cocktail of active ingredients makes the skin firm, elastic and tight. The firming body mask cocktail contains kamani oil, green walnut extract, sweet almond oil, vitamin Е. The course ensures a superb skin nourishing, moisturizing and tightening effect. The wrapping procedure is preceded by fruit body peeling, providing for epidermis cleansing. 

Recovering mud thermal treatment GROTTA GIUSTI Revitalisation RUR 5500
This body mask with thermal mud from well-known thermal resort Grotta Giusti and essential oils. The treatment activates blood circulation, general metabolism, improves skin quality. The mask contains GROTTA GIUSTI thermal water,  thermal mud, and tightening concentrate, which contains kamani oil, sweet almond oil, vitamin Е.  The wrapping procedure is preceded by fruit body peeling, ensuring epidermis cleansing.  


Wrapping on the basis of whole thallus of Laminaria digitata (20 – 60 min.) 
5200 RUR

A powerful anti-cellulite, remedial effect as well as lifting-effect during wrapping is achieved due to high concentration of alginates in “living” seaweeds. This kind of body wrap is attractive because of its assistance in decreasing waist and hips volumes for the account of powerful lymph drainage, id est. outflow of extra liquid from the tissues. As a result of such care your skin becomes smooth, elastic and orange-skin relief is removed.


Moroccan Clay wrap with/ without peeling RUR 6500/4300
Moroccan clay with Carite butter is rich in iron oxide and magnesium; it has absorbing and degreasing action. It provides deep cleansing action, while moisturizing and nourishing the skin. The wrap contains minerals, honey and Carite butter, an essential oil. Prior to wrapping you may be offered a aromasalt peeling. Thus the skin is freed from dead cells and filled with gentle aroma of eastern essential oils.

WRAPPINGS -"STYX" (Austria) 

Cello-Gel Anti-Cellulite Wrap (1 h 30 min) RUR4800

This body wrap is a fast and powerful anti-cellulite treatment: it promotes weight reduction and activates metabolism, blood circulation, lymphatic drainage and microcirculation. The wrap contains bioactive plant components that have a pronounced thermal, lipolytic and vessel-strengthening effect. Drainage and detox wave facilitates activation of excretory system: toxins and surplus liquid are removed from tissues.

Whisky Lotion Wraps (1 h 30 min)RUR5000
The action of whisky lotions wraps is based on three main principles: dissolution, elimination and strengthening. Active agents contained in these lotions provide lipolysis and remove breakdown products. Bandages impregnated with lotion absorb toxic substances discharged from the body during the procedure. This treatment gives the following results: stimulates blood circulation, metabolism and regeneration, diminishes body volume, promotes skin lifting, detox and antioxidant effect.

Wrapping is an excellent way to solve a wide range of health body issues and stimulate an intrinsic potential of the body. We offer a wide range of body wrapping treatments based on high concentration of essential ingredients: sea salt and algae extracts, sea and thermal muds, Moroccan clay, herbal and fruit extracts and many others. Body wrapping treatments are intended for solving a number of health-improving and esthetic issues:  detoxification, weight loss, reduction of cellulite, moisturizing and improvement of skin turgor, anti-stress, strengthening of blood vessels, rheumatology and musculoskeletal disorders. Body wrapping treatments are performed using  products of  effective and world leading professional  cosmetic lines: «ALGOTHERM» (France), «COMFORT ZONE» (Italy), «VELINIYA» (Russia), «SULTAN DE SABA»(France), «STYX»(Austria)



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