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Algoserum wrapping – Remineralising Gel (1 hour 30 minutes / 1 hour)
with / without peeling5500/4000

The Algoserum – Remineralising Gel wrapping is specifically recommended for body recovery: it strengthens the skin, enhances stress tolerance, releases myospasms, restores the general tone of the body, and drains excess liquid. It also fights puffiness and cellulitis. This wrapping has high content of marine ingredients: sea water, Crithmum Maritimum extract, mineral silicon, and red algae polysaccharides.

Sea Water wrapping – with / without peeling (1 hour 30 minutes / 1 hour)

The wrapping saturates the body will all macro- and oligoelements essential for normal life activities (more than 100 elements: magnesium, calcium, potassium, bromine, chlorine, sulphur, silicon, copper, iron, etc.), enhances tolerance to stress, releases myospasms caused by stress, restores the general tone of the body, stimulates cell functions, relaxation and restoration of the nervous system. Does not contain any iodine – can be used for people allergic to iodine, with thyroid gland dysfunction.

Thalasso Magnesium wrapping with marine magnesium concentrate  
with / without peeling (1 hour 30 minutes / 1 hour)5500/4000

The wrapping with marine magnesium concentrate saturates the body with magnesium – one of the most critical microelements, maintains the nervous system balance, fights pain, muscle overstrain and oedema caused by sport loads, prevents the restless leg syndrome and cramps, improves sleep, actively participates in absorption of calcium that plays the key role in the health of the locomotor system (bones, ligaments, joints, muscles), and teeth.

Thalasso Magnesium classical mineral wrapping
with / without peeling (1 hour 30 minutes / 1 hour)6000/4500

The mineral wrapping with high concentration of marine magnesium saturates the body with minerals, fosters deep relaxation of the whole body, relieves muscle strain and spasms, and enhances the skin quality. The wrapping is recommended for overcoming physical and mental fatigue, especially for those who have active living. It boosts immunity after past diseases. Has invigorating effect, tones blood vessels, and is recommended for age-related changes, after childbirth or abrupt weight loss.

Thalasso Calcium wrapping – with / without peeling (1 h 30 min / 1 h)5500/4000

Thalasso Calcium wrapping with high content of natural calcium extract. It normalizes skin metabolism, moisturizes and increases skin elasticity, enhances lymph drainage, eliminating congestion of intercellular fluid. It is recommended for prevention of brittleness of bone, revitalizing of joints and spine, improvement of the operation of the locomotor system, release of physical and mental fatigue.

Thalasso Calcium classical mineral wrapping
with / without peeling (1 hour 30 minutes / 1 hour)6000/4500

The wrapping with high content of marine calcium extract obtained from Lithothamnium Calcareum seaweed optimizes the body mineral balance in terms of calcium and magnesium, enhances lymphatic and venous drainage, eliminating congestion of intercellular fluid. Detoxes and revitalizes the skin. Due to natural magnesium and calcium, improves the general well-being, reduces strain and fatigue, enhances suppleness and elasticity of the skin.

Three-Algae wrapping with / without peeling (1 hour 30 minutes/ 1 hour)6000/4500

The wrapping combines the qualities of red and brown ocean algae. Their micronized form helps instantaneous release of active components and accelerates their absorption through the skin. Laminaria Digitata, rich in iodine, regulates lipolysis. Fucus Vesiculosus, which is abundant in minerals and microelements, activates cell metabolism, enhances microcirculation and actively drains tissues, giving a detox effect. High content of minerals in Lithothamnium Calcareum ensures proper mineralisation of the body.

Geranda Peloid marine mud wrapping - general with / without peeling
(1 hour 30 min/ 1 hour)

The wrapping is used for soothing of local pains and active remineralization of the body, it has a detox effect and normalizes metabolism. Peloid is marine mud uniquely rich in high-quality minerals from salt basins from the French peninsula Geranda. Abundant in mineral salts and microelements (calcium, magnesium, ferrum, potassium, zinc, iodine, sulphur), Geranda mud stimulates cellular metabolism and extraction of metabolic products, and also has secondary action soothing psychosomatic dermatoses (eczema, psoriasis).

Geranda Peloid marine mud wrapping - local (hips and stomach)4500

(joints – one area: knees, shoulders, hip joint)1500

(joints – three areas: knees, shoulders, hip joint) 4500


Wrapping on the basis of whole thallus of Laminaria digitata (20 – 60 min.) 

A powerful anti-cellulite, remedial effect as well as lifting-effect during wrapping is achieved due to high concentration of alginates in “living” seaweeds. This kind of body wrap is attractive because of its assistance in decreasing waist and hips volumes for the account of powerful lymph drainage, id est. outflow of extra liquid from the tissues. As a result of such care your skin becomes smooth, elastic and orange-skin relief is removed.


Mango – passion fruit yoghurt wrapping (1 h 30 min)
Alongside with mango and passion fruit tropical extracts, this wrapping is replete with fruit acids, minerals, vitamin С and valuable fatty acids. As soon as the cream yogurt is applied to your skin, its highly active restoring and rejuvenating ingredients are rapidly absorbed. Your body will get a gorgeous smell of tropical fruits. Before body wrapping you will be offered mango – passion fruit salt mousse scrub. Tender rejuvenating salt scrub that contains sea salt rich in natural marine minerals, as well as carrot oil, squalane, carotene and mango and passion fruit extracts, has not only exfoliating, but also rejuvenating effect. 

Wrapping is an excellent way to solve a wide range of health body issues and stimulate an intrinsic potential of the body. We offer a wide range of body wrapping treatments based on high concentration of essential ingredients: sea salt and algae extracts, sea and thermal muds, Moroccan clay, herbal and fruit extracts and many others. Body wrapping treatments are intended for solving a number of health-improving and esthetic issues:  detoxification, weight loss, reduction of cellulite, moisturizing and improvement of skin turgor, anti-stress, strengthening of blood vessels, rheumatology and musculoskeletal disorders. Body wrapping treatments are performed using  products of  effective and world leading professional  cosmetic lines: «THALASSO BRETAGNE (France), «PEVONIA BOTANICA» (USA), «VELINIYA» (Russia).



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