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Classic massage (45 min./1 h/1 h.30 min.)
Being an effective remedy for active body care and disease prevention this massage technique activates blood microcirculation and metabolism, improves muscular tonus and skin complexion.

Anti-stress massage (45 min./1 h/1 h.30 min.)
This is a recovery massage technique used after significant physical or mental activity. Being an effective remedy for reducing depression and chronic fatigue, it eliminates muscular tension and normalizes activity of central nervous system. It is an ideal way to harmonize emotional and physical condition.

Lymphatic drainage massage (45 min./1 h/1 h.30 min.)
This massage technique solves problems related to circulatory collapse of lymphatic and venous parts of drainage system. It removes excess liquid and toxins, optimizes water-salt balance. Due to active detoxification this massage has strong health-improving effect.

Anti-cellulite massage (1 h/1h 30 min)
This massage technique combined with highly effective anti-cellulite cosmetics activates blood microcirculation and eliminates excess liquid and fat from the problem zones. It reduces visible symptoms of cellulite and perfectly shapes body contour.

Breast massage (30 min.)2500
This massage is recommended when breast skin begins to lose elasticity and tone as a result of pregnancy, considerable weight loss or aging process, it improves reconstruction of connective tissues, enhances elasticity of skin and restores muscular tone.

Honey massage (30 min)2850
This massage technique has its roots in Tibet medical practices and based on healing properties and biologically active substances that honey contains. Honey improves lymphatic drainage and active blood microcirculation of underlying tissues, provides anti-cellulite effect. It is also very effective remedy for curing diseases of muscular-skeletal system. This massage is combined with classic, medical and corrective massage techniques.

Cups massage (30 min)2600
This massage is based on thermo-mechanical vacuum action on skin, subcutaneous fat, muscles and biologically active points with the help of special medical cups. This massage is combined with classic, medical and corrective massage techniques.

Indian feet massage (30 min)2500
This type of massage has been practiced in India and other oriental countries for centuries. Human feet are a real map of all elements of the human body. Experienced masseur will interpret and gently refine it, eliminating stress from blocked energy areas, harmonizing energy flows and providing strong health–improving effect.

Hot stone massage (1h 30 min)4900
It is an anti-stress massage technique with the use of hot basalt stones with a unique property to deeply absorb and slowly and delicately release heat. The unique properties of basalt stone containing more than 60 elements of the periodic table along with an exclusive massage technique positively influence on the entire body: harmonize emotional and physical condition, alleviate muscular pain, eliminate stress, normalize sleep, improve lymphatic drainage, blood circulation, and improve tone and elasticity of skin.

Hot herbal bag massage (1 h/ 1 h 30 min)4300/4900
This is a traditional Ayurveda physiotherapeutic and detoxification technique, which traces its roots back to a very distant past. Combination of physiotherapy, aromatherapy and manual methods has been widely used for healing and rejuvenation. This massage technique combines gentle muscle petrissage, use of dry heat of herbal bags, aromatherapy and elements of passive yoga.

French massage (1 h 30 min)4900
This is a unique non-surgical body shaping technique. The procedure is intended to eliminate cellulite and excess weight. It also strengthens muscles, normalizes lipid exchange and improves vitality and self-concept.

Spanish massage (1 h 30 min)4900
Deep anti-stress massage based on the unique method developed by well-known Spanish expert Enrique Castells Garcia. This is an effective remedy for depression and chronic fatigue, it eliminates nervous and muscular tension, normalizes the activity of the central nervous system. It is an ideal way to harmonize physical and emotional state.

Mix massage (1h/1h 30 min/2 h)4400/5200/7500
Exclusive massage mix involving various massage techniques up to your choice.

Thalasso Magnesium mineral modelling thalasso-massage with peeling
(1 hour 30 minutes)
The massage is delivered using a special substance – Thalasso Magnesium marine magnesium concentrate. This 100% natural product is obtained from sea water with concentrated active compounds of magnesium chloride, has a high capacity of transdermal penetration for maximum absorption by tissues. It is in all cases preceded by a body peeling.

Thalasso Calcium mineral modelling thalasso-massage with peeling
(1 hour 30 minutes)
The massage is delivered using a special substance – calcium concentrate. Marine calcium concentrate in gel form with high content of natural calcium extract is obtained from Lithothamnium Calcareum alga. The concentrate improves lymph drainage, eliminating congestion of intercellular fluid, normalizes skin metabolism, moisturizes and increases its elasticity. The thalasso-massage is preceded by a body peeling in all cases.

Firming marine mineral modelling thalasso-massage with peeling
(1 hour 30 minutes)
The massage is delivered using a special substance – Firming catalyst. This is a highly concentrated extract of seaweed Laminaria Digitata, Wakame (Undaria Pinnatifida) and Sean Beans (Crithmum Maritimum). The concentrate accelerates metabolic processes, stimulating the absorption of active ingredients, increases skin elasticity and tone. The thalasso-massage is preceded by a body peeling in all cases.

Cost of additional products
In addition to the procedure, you may be offered to use some special ingredients that enhance the effect of the procedure: ampuls, concentrates, special creams

Fat inhibitor1500

Iodas concentrate, ampoule



Myologist masseur Vadim Lutovinov  

MASSAGES – CORRECTIVE TECHNIQUES (30min/ 45min /1 hour/ 1 hour 30min)2500/3000/4000/4500

Lomi-Lomi Hawaiian massage
This technique is the most efficient to control cellulitis. The massage combines a powerful lymphatic drainage effect, deep muscle kneading and differentiated impact on the subcutaneous fat. The massage technique involves the masseur’s strong contact action with his forearms. The Hawaiian massage removes limb puffiness, improves blood circulation, detoxes the body, releases stress, and enhances immunity due to lymph cleansing.

“Brazilian” massage with bamboo sticks 
Tapping and vibration technique to control cellulitis and excess volume. Performed manually and / or using bamboo sticks.  Quickly restores the muscle tone, increases the skin elasticity, helps to create the “Brazilian bum” effect.

Siberian honey massage
Reduces excess weight, enhances the muscle tone and immunity, eliminates congestions, spasms, improves the lymph flow and blood circulation, detoxes and excretes, refines the colour and condition of the skin, fosters disruption of adipose tissue capsules.

Cupping massage
The massage is used to control cellulitis, improves blood circulation, evens out the subcutaneous fat layer, enhances immunity, has a remedial, vacuum and reflex action. 

Modelling massage
This modelling massage technique clears extra intercellular fluid, promotes elasticity of tissues and a slim silhouette. The modelling massage enhances and improves blood circulation, and, consequently, histotrophic nutrition. This results in reduced puffiness, the skin tightens, becomes smooth and firm.

Lipocorrection silhouette massage – Dr Kisselhof’s methodology
The massage burns fat that is stored in excessive quantity in the adipose tissue. As a result of targeted intensive manual impact the treatment area develops local oedema and hyperaemia. The oedema consists of lymphatic fluid, ferments, inflammation mediators and destroyed connective adipose structure. It is the oedema (lymphatic fluid) that makes it possible to remove from the body adipose particles destroyed by the massage. Thus, oedema and hyperaemia play major roles in the lipocorrection process.

Contour massage
This massage technique envisages a successive three-stage impact on the body. At the first stage, the problems of lymph- and venous stasis are resolved. This technique actively employs methods of main lymph drainage, impact on lymph nodes and large lymph vessels. The second stage deals with changes of the silhouette and tissue “hardening” (fibrosis). Methods used at this stage serve to reduce both the amount of subcutaneous fat and manifestation of fibroid degeneration. This results in conspicuous improvement of the tissue “texture quality”. The third massage stage involves active toning of tissues.


Therapeutic techniques may involve utilization of additional tools: concussors, rubber palms, Guasha scraper, Chinese suction cups, Kuznetsov’s applicators, rubber paddle brushes, salt bags for release spasms and tension of deep muscles and fasciae, d’Arsonval.

(30 min/ 45 min/1 hour/ 1 hour 30 min)2500/3000/4000/4500
Diagnostics and treatment of pathology of head and body blood vessels
Treatment of the body diaphragm and impact on development of blood vessel diseases and vascular and autonomic dysfunctions.

Relaxation massage technique
This massage technique involves contact impact methods to eliminate stress and accompanying uncontrollable vascular responses of the body, chronic fatigue syndrome and neurotic states.

Massage to treat problems in the area of the neck, cervicothoracic transition and shoulder girdle
Diagnostics of pathological processes in the area of the neck, cervicothoracic transition and shoulder girdle, treatment of headaches, migraines, protrusions in the neck area.

Massage to treat spine and limb problems
Treatment of muscles by way of deep compression (pressing), elimination of the long leg syndrome, treatment of many spine and limb pathologies, without serious aggravations and without application of drugs – can be done at the acute stage

Diagnostics and treatment of female pelvis
The technique involves preparation for child bearing and birth, preventive care against infertility, elimination of pathologic features in soft tissues, internal organs, blood vessels, muscles, fasciae, bones, joints and connections in the pelvis area.

Massage and contact types of impact applicable to eye, head and neck tissues
This technique is applicable in case of visual function problems: farsightedness, near-sightedness, astigmatism and amblyopia.

Diagnostics and massage in case of joint diseases
Massage methods of impact to restore the functional condition of joints and adjacent tissues. Special massage methods are used targeting not on the affected joints, but other tissues and organs on which the condition of the joints depends.

Diagnostics and massage in case of thoracic region pathology
Contact impact techniques aimed at elimination of intercostal muscle contractions, restoration of the functionality of costal and vertebral joints and diaphragms, as well as elimination of other dysfunctions. 

Shock wave massage with rubber palms
Shock wave impact on human tissues is a method of non-medication care and is a specific physiotherapy method in the system of complex approach of manual therapy and massage. This technique successfully treats joint diseases (arthritis, arthrosis, muscle diseases, myositis) and visceral diseases (chronic bronchitis, diseases of kidneys, bladder, intestines, uterus and prostate), complications after limb injuries, in case of cicatrical changes in human body after wounds. 

Complex approach to elimination of fibrotic tissues (cellulitis).
The massage techniques eliminate pathologic processes in the skin and subcutaneous fat, reduce muscle tension, enhance capillary blood circulation, normalise venous blood runoff, and improve the blood flow in cold areas of tissues. The massage uses: manual technique, rubber palms, massage brushes and concussors.

Massage to treat diseases of head area tissue (scalp, skin, muscles of expression, bone structures, mouth cavity, intermaxillare joint, ears, salivary glands)
The technique involves impact on head tissues with hands, massage brushes, internal transoral massage, therapeutic impact on muscles of expression and bones of the facial skeleton and the skull. To relax facial muscles and fasciae, myofascial relaxation technique is used. Normally, the skin, muscles and fasciae have to be softly elastic and free from pain on palpation.

Visceral therapy – massage of internal organs – abdominal massage
The proposed technique of external impact on abdominal internal organs effectively treats pathologies. In the process of treatment, manual pressure is applied to the affected organ in compliance with certain rules and under the right angle. Ptosis of internal organs, spasms, venous and lymph stasis – all this is the most wide-spread reason for pathologic conditions of the body.

Special massage of the face, neck and décolleté area with pine needle paste
Synergetic impact of the hands and the pine needle paste, with its characteristic features, bring the face tissues and expression muscles of the face, neck and décolleté to the perfect conditions of their operation and beautiful appearance. The massage treats not only the skin, but also muscles, periosteum and glands: salivary, thyroid and parathyroid ones. The pine needle paste has a soft adhesive effect, eliminating fat plugs, opening sweat glands and making the skin particularly velvety and fresh.

Australian rolfing massage (back, neck, chest) 
The massage technique reduces muscle tension, spasms, enhances the muscle tone, relieves headaches.

Press Rolling massage
The Press Rolling massage is done without any lubricants. This technique does not include the element of the masseur’s hand sliding on the skin, so other forms of impact are used. The main methods are rolling, pressing, shaking and joint mobilization. The power of the massage impact can vary from very light to quite intensive. If it is necessary to massage a patient with well-developed muscular system, a wide range of methods is used. Methods of this massage type perfectly match with classical massage.

Morocco massage (face and neck)
Relaxing massage, involves gentle stretching of neck muscles, eases face muscles

French wave massage
The French wave massage technique implies palpitating, slow wave-like movements imitating the pulsation of vessel and muscle contractions, which relieves muscle oedema, body tension and fatigue. The peculiar technique of the French wave massage impacts both the lymph and venous systems and the sympathetic nervous system.  This massage technique also has effect on the human skin, perfectly stimulating it, making it firmer and younger.

Body refit deep tissue massage
The massage restores structural integrity and body balance by way of releasing chronic tension generated as a result of tension of deep-seated muscles and fasciae resulting in impaired posture and restricted movements. The methods of this massage impact fasciae – connective tissue that surrounds, connects and supports all internal structures of the body, including skeletal muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments and organs.

Abhyanga Indian massage
Health effect of Abhyanga: retardation of aging; melting and extraction of toxins and waste; optimization of blood and lymph circulation in tissues and skin; repair and nutrition of the body and tissues; elimination of muscle spasms and pain; improvement of sleep; relief of stress, burnout and tension, adding flexibility to the body and mind, firmness of tissues and elimination of cellulitis; skin rejuvenation.

Massage with a concussor, brushes and rubber palms
These massage accessories help to promptly remove muscle pathologies (spasm, tension, cramps),enhance blood circulation, optimize venous blood outflow, increase oxygen inflow to tissues, reduce muscle pain.

Mix massage (1 hour 30 minutes)5000
An exclusive massage cocktail made especially for you includes several massage techniques.

Electric massaging device (15 minutes) 700
The device is intended to reduce muscle pain, fatigue, numbness, tension, and spasms. The massage effect is achieved due to electronic stimulation of nerve terminals with electrode plates applied to the skin.


Massage is an effective remedy to improve body tonus, skin condition, prevent and cure various diseases, harmonize physical and emotional state. The combination of classic, exclusive and aurvedic massage techniques provides perfect esthetic and health-improving effect.  Massage on VELA SHAPE II  - is a latest generation technology for the prompt and effective removal of fat depots, visible signs of cellulitis and skin defects. Our Center has highly qualified and experienced massage therapists and spa operators skilled in numerous massages and physiotherapy methodic. All these specialists have medical degrees and highly experienced.



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