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Ayurvedic massages

Ayurvedic massages



Indian feet massage (30 min.) 2500 R.

This type of massage has been practiced in India and other oriental countries for centuries. Human feet are a real map of all elements of the human body. Experienced masseur will interpret and gently refine it, eliminating stress from blocked energy areas, harmonizing energy flows and providing strong health–improving effect.


Hot herbal bag massage (1 h) 4300 R.

This is a traditional Ayurveda physiotherapeutic and detoxification technique, which traces its roots back to a very distant past. In India combination of physiotherapy, aromatherapy and manual methods has been widely used for healing and rejuvenation. This massage technique combines gentle muscle petrissage, heat of herbal bags and aromatherapy.


Ayurvedic massage of three Doshas (1 h) 4300 R.

This massage is aimed at balancing of energy flows in the human body. Muscular relaxation and effective lymphatic drainage normalizes body liquid exchange. Total body relaxation helps eliminate pain, insomnia and stress, enhances vitality and gives the feeling of lightness and harmony. An individually selected mix of herbs and aroma oils is used for this massage.




(Ayurvedic Medical School, Kerala, India)

Traditional Indian massage (1 hour / 1 hour 30 minutes)
4100/4700 R.
The masseur impacts all parts of your body, deeply kneading the muscles, with a special focus on joints, hands and feet. The massage will perfectly suit those who feel like stretching themselves, their muscles and ligaments, enhancing their elasticity, relieving fatigue and stress. The massage is performed using a mixture of hot plant oils.
Indian aromatherapy massage (1 hour / 1 hour 30 minutes)
4100/4700 R.
This is a wonderful relaxation treatment that combines the classical Indian massage technique with fine fragrance of natural sandal wood essential oil.
Abhyanga massage (1 hour / 1 hour 30 minutes)
4100/4700 R.
Ayurvedic body massage with warm plant oils. The force and rhythm of movements, as well as the oil, are selected individually, depending on the body type. Warm oil simultaneously nourishes and cleanses the body, helping it to detox. Based on deep work with soft tissues, Abhyanga also actively stimulates the blood circulation and lymph flow, balancing all organs and systems. The massage successfully treats migraines, overexcitation, loss of strength, insomnia, burnout and stress.
Correcting Indian massage (1 hour / 1 hour 30 minutes)
4300/4900 R.
The massage technique, complete with anticellulite cream helps to remove fat deposits at problem body areas, stimulating natural body ability to burn fats. This technique serves to activate the blood flow and metabolism, tone the muscles, nourish the skin and tissues.
Udvartana powder anticellulite massage (1 hour)
4500 R.
Intensive anticellulite massage using dry medical herb powder, serves to boost the blood flow and metabolism, tone the muscles, nourish the skin and tissues. The special massage technique, complete with medical herbs, helps to remove cellulitis, acting as a cleansing scrub, detoxes, and tightens the skin.
Udvartana anticellulite massage with medical herb powder and steam bath (1 hour 30 minutes)
5900 R.
The Udvartana massage is preceded with a steam bath that has a detox effect and boosts microcirculation. The intensive anticellulite massage using dry medical herb powder, serves to boost the blood flow and metabolism, tone the muscles, nourish the skin and tissues. The special massage technique, complete with medical herbs, helps to remove cellulitis, acting as a cleansing scrub, detoxes, tightens the skin.
Marma hot towel massage (1 hour / 1 hour 30 minutes)
4500/5000 R.
This technique is based on a combination of classical Indian massage and Marma therapy. Due to deep muscle work alternating with focused stimulation of biologically active points (active Marma areas), the patient gets a healing effect. This massage is combined with heat therapy performed with a dry hot twisted towel. This procedure actively heats the skin and muscles, boosting the blood circulation.
Kizhi hot herbal packs massage (1 hour 30 minutes)
4900 R.
Hot herbal packs massage is a traditional Ayurvedic phytotherapy and detox method. Since the old days in India phytotherapy and manual methods have been combined to maintain health and rejuvenate the body. The method combines gentle muscle stretching, bodily impact of the warmth of herbal packs with a mixture of medical herbs and phyto inhalation.
Hot stone massage (1 hour 30 minutes.)
4900 R.
The massage is based on an exclusive massage technique and energy of hot basaltic stones that have a unique property of deep absorption of heat and its slow delicate release. Unique features of stones and the exclusive massage technique that stimulates energy centres of the human body , have a positive impact on many organs, harmonize the psychological and emotional state, regulate the central nervous function, normalise the blood pressure, normalise sleep and appetite
Shirodhara (1 hour 30 minutes)
8000 R.
Shirodhara - the process of pouring over the forehead and the “third eye” area a warm mixture of natural plant oils – stimulates deep brain centres responsible for production of endorphins – hormones of happiness. The ritual is traditionally used to relieve pain and muscle tension in the area of the neck, the head and the shoulders, efficient against insomnia and stress, depression and fatigue. The Shirodhara ritual is accompanied with head and shoulder massage.
Indian feet massage (30 minutes)
2700 R.
A person’s feet are a real map where all organs of the human body are represented. An experienced masseur would read it and correct gently – relieve stress from energetically blocked areas, harmonise energy flows in the feet, having a healing effect on the whole body.
Indian head massage (30 minutes)
2500 R.
The Indian head massage technique impacts “marmas”, active points on the head, neck and shoulders. The massage technique has positive impact on the whole body as a whole. Indian women used to do it on a daily basis to preserve the beauty and strength of their hair, to improve its growth due to boosted blood circulation , to relieve eye fatigue, relax face and head muscles. Head massage can be done with or without oil.
Indian face massage (30 minutes)
2500 R.
The Indian face massage includes special technique embracing all groups of facial muscles and impact on all biologically active points. As a result: smoothing out of both fine and deep wrinkles, improvement of complexion, reduction of puffiness, elimination of dark circles.
Indian back, neck and collar area massage (30 minutes)
2500 R.

Ayurveda was created by prophets of India about 5000 years ago. In Sanskrit the word Ayurveda means "the science of life and longevity." Ayurvedic knowledge was regarded as part of the general knowledge of human happiness, health and development. It includes organic knowledge and practical wisdom that will heal you by natural means. Even though the roots of Ayurveda are ancient, it is based on universal laws of medicine. Special  indian massage techniques, using of natural oils and herbs, knowledge and experience of autentic spa-therapists, amazing atmosphere of the room designed in the Maharaja style, meditation music and  soft light of shimmering candles  will guide you in this unforgettable voyage to ancient India and reveal you the mystery of old-time Ayurvedic rituals of beauty and health.


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