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In our center you can enjoy using the services of professional make-up artists: Victoria Zastavskaya and Helena Vitt, who will help you create a unique image and individual style.

Services of make-up artist:
  • the individual selection of eye-brow shape, their correction and coloring
  • eyebrows biotattoo(6d eyebrow reconstruction or micropigmentation) - (Helena Vitt) - is the most advanced tattoo technique that creates a unique hair growth design on the skin surface, with various thickness, length and curves. The procedure is performed manually, with the help of a special handpiece with ultrathin needles, where the designer carefully draws each hair, its thickness comparable to that of natural hairs. Such technique serves to reproduce the natural voluminous eyebrow appearance and saves the woman daily eyebrow drawing and tinting. The eyebrows look natural and beautiful, their colour and thickness match the natural hair.
  • eye-lash chemical curling, eye-lash coloring
  • silk eye-lash extension with «3D-Lashes» technology. A stylist sticks every one artificial lash to your natural lashes with special glue. The lashes look absolutely natural; they are very light, soft and comfortable in bearing. The lashes  «3D-Lashes» are resistible to sun, water and tears. These long, extensional lashes will decorate you up to 2 months.
  • Yami Lashes  Eyelashes keratin filling - (Helena Vitt) - This revolutionary and innovative technology Yumi Lashes was developed by a Swiss company. It makes it possible to extend the length of your natural lashes and their curl with no perming. As opposed to the perming with a number of its consequences, this treatment has no negative impact on the lashes. The other way round: it strengthens their structure through the nourishing components of the treatment products.The new revolutionary Yumi Lashes technology makes true your dreams about beautiful and long natural eyelashes. Yumi Lashes is a lifting for your lashes, filling them with a pigment, keratin and vitamins. It is a perfect volume, ideal length and a distinctive curl lasting for 2.5 to 3 months. The procedure requires no correction. It is a five steps procedure performed exclusively by a master and resulting in the effect of open eyes, thickened and bushy eyelashes while the eyelid is visually lifted. 
  • make-up (day time, cocktail make-up, evening make-up, festive make-up, wedding make-up, make-up for men, and  fresh make-up)
  • AIR-brush make-up (make-up artist Victoria Zastavskaya). AIR BRUSH make-up is performed with the help of American technology used in Hollywood. Make-up is done with the help of a special make-up air brush with professional silicone-based ТEMPU cosmetics. Toning cosmetic is sprayed at 10-20 cm distance to create the second skin effect. The special feature of this make-up is that it comes out unusually gentle, light, natural, long wear and moisture-proof. Face is prepared with the help of the air brush (foundation primer and moisturizing), then the foundation itself, cheek colour, highlights and light eye make-up are applied with the help of the airbrush. Further make-up is done according to the classic scheme. Great variety of shades used and Airbrush make-up technology allow makeup artists to effortlessly conceal almost all skin flaws.
  • individual training of make-up application
  • consultation on style selection together with the order of individual portfolio and color palette
  • individual selection of make-up items

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