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Lower leg depilation (up to knees)

RUR 1800
Full leg depilationRUR 2600
Partial thigh depilationRUR 1000
Armpit depilationRUR 1100
Lower arm depilation (up to elbows)RUR 1300
Full arm depilationRUR 2300
Bikini zoneRUR 2900
Deep bikini zoneRUR 3500
Upper lip depilationRUR 600
Chin depilationRUR 700
Back depilation
RUR 2000
Side burn depilationRUR 600
Eyebrow depilationRUR 500
Toe depilationRUR 300

Deep bikini sugar depilation

RUR 3300
Simple bikini sugar depilationRUR 2700
Sugar depilation of armpitRUR 1100
Unwanted hair is an issue of concern for nearly every woman. We will help you solve this problem. In our center you will be offered the following techniques:

  • waxing «BEAUTY IMAGE”, Spain is a fast and safe way to remove unwanted hair. A special warm substance containing natural wax and other natural components helping make the procedure painless, fast and effective will be applied on your skin. Unwanted hair would not reappear for 3 or 4 weeks.
  • waxing “LYCON”, Australia LYCON waxes have won well-deserved recognition as the best hair removal product; they are used in the best beauty parlours of more than 35 countries worldwide. LYCON has achieved superb results due to a unique combination of high-quality resins, beeswax and sensual aromatherapy. Now it has become possible to remove tough hairs just 1 mm long of any type, including lanugo hairs and stub hairs. Extremely elastic and tender LYCON low-temperature waxes nourish and condition the skin, giving comfort to even the most sensitive types of skin. A whole range of LYCON quality waxes, with their attractive colour and fragrance, allow professionals to select the best painless combination for complete satisfaction of the customer, in compliance with their hair and skin type.
  • resin bio - epilation The bioepilation is conducted using a special product based on pine resin. The formula of this product was developed by fourth-generation Italian pharmacologist Romano Monti. Hairs are removed with the bulbs; the working temperature is 38-40 degrees, which makes it possible to epilate over bikini and armpit lymph nodes, as well as in case of varicosis. The procedure is practically painless. Bioepilation is performed by Svetlana Lukyanova, the working hours to be checked with the administrator.
  • sugar depilation is a comfortable procedure of hair depilation in any zone of face and body, including depilation of lanugo hairs and stub hairs without pain, reddening and irritation of your skin. This method does not have counter-indications as soon as the patented formula of the medication content, with the help of which the process of depilation is conducted, consists of glucose and water only and works in the regime of body temperature.
  • AFT - photo-depilation on HARMONY XL device The unique new generation device created using the innovation Advanced Fluorescence Technology (AFT) provides efficient solutions to multiple aesthetic skin issues, including the problem of unwanted hair. The Advanced Fluorescence Technology (AFT) is the next generation of intense pulsed light. This technology offers greater light emission and allows for deeper penetration of light into tissue, which is both efficient and safe for hair removal. Photo-depilation is carried out without damaging the surrounding tissue. The device may be used on all skin types, has the ability to treat any hair texture and color, on all parts of the body.
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