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Нydromassage bath

Нydromassage bath




Hydro-massage bath with sea salt and algae (20 min)RUR 2200

This hydro treatment is based on sea salts unique property to penetrate pores and detoxify skin. Coarse salt with algae extracts and a high content of bromine, calcium and potassium settle down nervous system and restores cardiac performance.

Hydro-massage bath with natural milk serum (20 min)RUR 2200

Hydro-massage bath with natural milk serum containing proteins, water-soluble vitamins, microelements and peptides helps to relax, moisturize and improve skin turgor. The treatment is recommended for sensitive skin making it tender and silky. 

Hydromassage aroma bath “Calmness” (20 min.)RUR 2200

Relaxing aromatherapeutic bath with the exclusive mixture of essential oils (rose, orange, cedar, poon, vanilla) influencing the nervous system and granting calmness and excellent general health. The bath deeply nourishes and moistens the skin.

Local underwater hydro-massage without any ingredients/with any above ingredients
 (20 min)
  RUR 2500/3000

Нydromassage bath is a unique spa-facility that helps to relax, recover from stress and normalize both physical and emotional condition. Underwater jets of various intensity softly massage the body, promote microcirculation, relax muscles and take strain away from spine and joints. The optional use of chromotherapy (i.e. light and color treatment) promotes relaxation, stimulation and/or weight loss depending on the combined use of color and light. Optional manual local underwater hydromassage is an effective method which is used in complex body shape and weight-loss programs. The use of a set of essential aroma oils, vitamin and mineral cocktails, algae extracts and sea salt, natural milk serum  help to solve wide range of esthetic and medical issues.


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